Publicly released:
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Not publicly released:

GS8 Pic Maker v0.5

No Picture Available Calculator: TI-89/TI-92+/Voyage 200
Language: C
Info: Using this creator, you can convert .BMP pictures into nostub programs for your calculator. First, though, you must have Image Studio, available from this URL:
The pictures you convert must be 160x100 (TI-89 size) or 240x128 (TI-92+/v200 size).

Puzzle Bobble 68k v0.1 BETA

Language: C

Info: This is an early beta of a clone of Puzzle Bobble, Snood, Bust-a-Move, etc. Please help with the creation of maps by using the level editor included in the distribution. Warning: This beta is highly unstable. It may crash your calculator.
There are also a few minor issues with the ball movement code/ collision detection.