Extreme Racing
(Not the final title)
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This is going to be an 'extreme racing' game, somewhat like F-Zero X.

This game is not yet released. Engine base courtesy of Sebastian Reichelt.

Help Request:

There's currently an annoying bug in the codebase: every time the player finishes a turn and the current track piece changes from a curve to a straightaway, the track jumps noticeably to the left or right. If you try the game for a minute or so, you should see what I mean. If you're familiar with TIGCC and have a bit of free time, I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at engine.c, especially the MoveToCorrectPiece function (I think that the problem is there). Thank you.

Internal Version!

If you would like to check where the game is now, my current codebase is available for download.