DukeVR - Duke 3D for VR HMDs / Oculus Rift

By Malcolm Smith

This page has details about the older Duke VR v1.0.
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Download - v1.0 (old)

DukeVR consists of two parts:

If you want to play with the High Resolution Pack (strongly recommended for VR for its more correct skyboxes):

Source code:

If you get an error about MSVCR110.DLL being missing, you probably need to install the Visual C++ 2012 redistributable (32 bit version).



DukeVR main component:

DukeVR Oculus Rift extensions:

Additional Troubleshooting - XBox 360 Controller

If you've tweaked the gamepad dead zones ingame and you're still having issues, one option is to bypass the included joystick support entirely, and use joystick -> mouse and keyboard emulation. To do this, download and run the FreePIE installer. Then, launch FreePIE, and load this script, and run it (Script > Run Script, or F5). Then start the game. The advantage of this approach is it's easier to tweak the dead zones. Also, it supports left stick pushed in = run (move / strafe faster), and right stick pushed in = turn faster, which the built in support currently lacks.